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Category: Sports Nutrition

Suitable for Vegetarians: No

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key benefits

  • Helps to improve athletic performance- Many of the ingredients involved help to maximise endurance, muscle contraction, relaxation and the muscles capacity to perform. Ingredients such as AAKG (arginine alpha-ketoglutarate) can also help by increasing the blood flow around the body, which delivers key nutrients to support muscle and tissue growth
  • Helps to boost the metabolism- This product helps to naturally boost the metabolism with ingredients such as caffeine, citrulline malate and l-tyrosine working together to burn calories and fat more efficiently
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle- Although this supplement can help to improve athlete's performance it can also help to improve the body in different ways. Studies have shown that beetroot contains antioxidant properties, which helps to protect healthy cells whereas l-tyrosine, can help to improve memory, mood and sleep

Product Facts

Before a strenuous workout the body needs to receive vital nutrients in order to stimulate and protect the body during the workout. By promoting your pre-workout supplement with caffeine it helps to stimulate the body for improved performance and delays mental fatigue

Active Ingredients

Beetroot Extract, Citrulline Malate, AAKG, Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, Tri Creatine Malate, L-Taurine, Guarana Extract

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