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Category: General Health, Sports Nutrition

Suitable for Vegetarians: Yes

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key benefits

  • Promotes healthy skin- Zinc has been known to accelerate the renewal of skin cells, which keeps skin looking healthy and reduces signs of ageing. It can also help to reduce the amount of acne by regulating the amount hormones/testosterone and skin oil that can lead to an outbreak. It can help to reduce signs of eczema by assisting the body in restoring its ability to heal properly.
  • Aids in prostate disorder- When suffering from prostate disorder zinc can help to reduce the risk of the prostate becoming enlarged.
  • Supports the immune system- By consuming zinc regularly it can help to strengthen the immune system that can fight off certain infections. One of these being the common cold and when zinc is ingested helps to reduce the severity and duration of symptoms. Zinc can also help to promote the synthesis of collagen aids in wound healing.
  • Supports pregnancy- Zinc is essential for the repair and function of DNA. It is needed for quick growth of cells and building of major constituents of the cell during the course of pregnancy. It helps with growth, height, weight and bone development.
  • Supports fertility- In males, zinc can help to maintain sperm count and mobility whilst aiding in the development of the sex organs. In women, it helps in all the reproductive stages; including parturition, lactation and PMS (premenstrual syndrome)

Product Facts

Zinc, otherwise known as an essential trace element, is important for biological functions such as protein synthesis and regulating cell production within the immune system. It is mostly found within the body’s muscles and bones but can also be found in organs, tissues, fluids and cells. Zinc plays a crucial role in more than 300 enzymes in the human body.

Active Ingredients

Zinc, Zinc Citrate

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